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There exists between America and the members of its armed forces an unspoken contract. In return for risking their lives to protect our cherished freedoms, we pledge to provide for them and their families. Unfortunately, America has not been fulfilling its end of the deal. The suicide rate among veterans is double the national average and tens of thousands of veterans remain homeless after willingly serving our nation.


Rep. Lindsay James supports proactive intervention measures to lower suicide and homelessness rates among veterans. She supports expanding job training programs that have been effective in lowering the unemployment rate among veterans. To continue honoring the sacrifice of our veterans means keeping our promise to providing the healthcare, education, housing and job-training they need to thrive after service. 


To active members of our armed services, military families, and veterans, thank you for your service and your sacrifice.


Recent bills improving the lives of Veterans that passed with the support of Rep. James:


✓ Showing the respect our veterans and service members deserve (SF 388, HF 2312, HF 717, SF 280, HF 2382, HF 2236)

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