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Civil Liberties





We must work to transform our policies, so they are free from discrimination on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, ability, color or creed. We are living in a time when the destructive forces of racism, oppression, and injustice are regularly ignored, glossed over or flatly denied.


A Confession


“I am a white, cis-gender, able bodied, middle class, college educated woman.  There is no doubt that I have worked hard to get where I am in my life, but I have also benefited greatly from privilege. My personal journey of self-examination as it relates to my own privilege has not been perfect, but I am committed to doing the hard work of honest self-reflection, considering critical feedback when given, and working every day to better myself and use my privilege to advocate for others.”

–Rep. Lindsay James (she/her)




Although legal protections for LGBTQ+ people exist, there still remains discrimination in healthcare, education, housing, and employment (to name a few).


The transgender community, whose gender identity or expression does not correspond with their assigned sex at birth, have faced particular societal challenges. Transgender people face discrimination, harassment, and, for many, physical and sexual assault.


Rep. Lindsay James is a fierce advocate for equity and inclusion and will continue to fight to bring equal opportunity and justice to all Iowans regardless of sexual orientation or gender expression.


Gender Equity


The #MeToo and #TIMESUP movements, as well as the Women’s March have refocused our attention on the systemic undervaluing of women. Persistent inequities revealed in workplace pay gap, sexual harassment, trafficking, and attacks on reproductive rights are among some of the barriers that exist for women.


Rep. Lindsay James is an advocate for equal pay, paid family leave, and workplace protections.   She will continue to fight for educational opportunities for girls, empower women to run for office, and work toward the education and prevention of human trafficking.



Recent anti human-trafficking bill that passed with the support of Rep. James:


✓ Training for hotels and motels in spotting human trafficking (HF 2259)



Disability Rights


Those living with physical and mental disabilities often need services and supports to help them live an integrated and thriving life.


Representative Lindsay James is a loud advocate for the reversal of privatized Medicaid, and for accountability and transparency measures for these large out of state corporations who prioritize profits over people.  Rep. James is also an advocate for the expansion of community-based services and supports, and fair wages.

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