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Environmental Protections

Environmental Protections


How we care for our environment today has significant impacts on tomorrow. Pope Francis, in his encyclical Laudato Si, wisely reminded us of our responsibility to treat our natural environment as a “collective good,” to see our earth as a “common home,” and to remember that it is in everyone’s best interest to provide strong environmental protections. Dubuque’s rich natural resources - the river, bluffs, parks and trails - are some of our best assets in building and growing a vibrant community. Rep. Lindsay James will continue her fight to protect air and water quality, while promoting support conservation efforts, the use of renewable energy, and continued access to Dubuque’s rich natural resources.


Recent environmental protection bills that passed with the support of Rep. James:


✓ Establishing a plan for growing solar energy (SF 583)

✓ Protecting Iowa’s natural resources (SF 583, SF 2250, HF 2475)

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